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(S = K log W) Like Butter

...because I'm on a roll (again)((kinda)).

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Welcome to the Show.
So this is going to be the only consistent open post on my journal. There are times when I unlock one for non-LJ friends or family to see.

Generally, I'm pretty open to adding new people, so if you want to add me, just comment here and tell me a little about yourself and I'll probably add you back.

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I wanna be your friend!

Oh, fine, added.



Next round is on you, a-cup.

*tweaks nipples*

It's so on. Triple added.

Fuck that. Imma quadruple add you and I stamped it.

ohey, this is roy. adding you. feel free to do the same if u like

Sorry if I come off a wee bit stalkerish, but that's just my style. I followed your link from Rosie's recent post to your portfolio site and I couldn't not say something like 'wow'. I love your style! I particularly like your shark piece ("Manu"?). Do you sell prints, original works, or anything else (i.e. stickers, magnets, etc.)? I'm an artist as well, so if you'd like to palaver over aesthetics and/or "the biz" with someone new, I'd love to do the same. If not, that's cool, too. I'll still respect you in the mourning.


Portfolio site...OH! My actual website! Sheesh: I didn't know anyone clicked on that thing.

I don't sell my art, but considering my current situation, I probably should be. I give it away to friends.


I do, too! Hah! I'm trying to get more "professional" about it now, though. It's weird. Adding you back...

And you have an icon of one of my favorite pieces of art - that's a good sign.

Yah - nothing like a dude who paints the royal family as they actually look, but Saturn Devouring His Children is awesome.

I just sent you a friend request. I can't believe I ever unfriended you.

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