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(S = K log W) Like Butter

...because I'm on a roll (again)((kinda)).

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Flist Cut
When I first made this journal a little over four years ago, it was to make a side-journal for my closest friends. My real journal was dawntheif and still exists out there, although it hasn't seen much traffic.

My original goal with this journal was to create something smaller and more intimate of people who knew me, either in real life or had been on my LJ for so long, they might as well know me in real life. The dawntheif journal was an amalgamation of people that were added pretty much at random.

While a few of those adds are still with me today (you know who you are), the majority were horrorshows of awkward comments, weird posts, and so on. I'm sure, in context, they were lovely people, but there was no connection there.

The goal with journal was different: to keep things small and close. I swore it would never be larger than 20 people and I had this plan of guarding that number ferociously.

Of course, that's not what happened; I got rolled into the seattle community and met a lot of you in person. dawntheif became a side show and I eventually went through and privatized all its entries.

The rules on this journal broke down.

As of the writing of this entry, I have 89 people in my "Friend Of" section. While I know a few of you, there's a few that haven't posted in years, have moved on to other mediums (Facebook, Twitter, etc), or our interests have simply diverged.

So here it is: I'm cutting down my friends list to a more manageable level. If you think I cut you in error, shoot me a line. Otherwise, if I ever see you in real life, I'll add you back.