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(S = K log W) Like Butter

...because I'm on a roll (again)((kinda)).

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Maesi Cuddles.

The Making Of

So many of you whom are also friends on my Facebook know that I post gobs of pics of my dogs. And many of you see that I post loads more pictures of Otis than Maesi.

The main reason for this is demonstrated below. Otis, for his part, will sigh dramatically, sit heavily on my foot, and gaze sorrowfully up at me. A gaze so full of sorrow that it can only be sated by cheese, and thus hold that position until my gales of laughter convince him that his most serious "Eeyore" impression isn't impressing me.

Maesi, truly a beautiful dog by any standards, is an...intense...cuddler. A picture like this one:

Takes some work.

This time, rather than simply deleting all the outtakes, I decided to hang onto them, and show you all just how much work goes into those cute furkid pictures.

"Maesi? Maesi! Come here! Where's my girl? There she is! Oh, hang on sweetheart, don't jump right...oof!"


"Hi, sweety. Here: why don't you....roll..." sounds of struggling to move a lanky, very powerful, 85lbs, athletic dog who doesn't want to be moved "...over here."

*NO! Bellyrub!!*

"Quit wiggling, you goofball..."

"I'm trying..."


"...to take...."


"Don't lick the camera!"


"okay....ohhhhhh-kay. Now if you could just...back up...a little bit...can't....breathe...."

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She's very wiggly. Very cute, but...wiggly.

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