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(S = K log W) Like Butter

...because I'm on a roll (again)((kinda)).

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Ape Cave.
Horse Latitudes

The first entrance was well-used and it was clear many had been there before us. A little exploration led us to a second hole.

This second hole was much tighter and far less used. It was dry and hot.

The almost uncomfortably narrow entrance did not prevent us from thrusting in.

Once inside, it opened up and was a bit more comfortable; even wet, but not as tight.

Portions of the hole were wetter than others.

Portions were tighter.

It did not prevent us from pushing deeper and deeper. I was happy.

Upon pulling out, wet and soiled on the other side, I discovered I had been injured in the vigorous activity.

Finished, for now, I enjoyed the taste of my sweet, salty nuts.

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Haha! That's hilarious! Oh, and the 5th photo down is quite nice.

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