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(S = K log W) Like Butter

...because I'm on a roll (again)((kinda)).

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"Horse Latitudes" ~ by me

An entropic system is one where everything is slowly fading away. One where the old is crumbling away, dissolving beneath time, weather, and outside forces beyond its ability to withstand.

In essence, the universe itself is an entropic system, stars slowly dying, whole galaxies gradually collapsing into massive black holes located deep within their heart. Mountains crushed beneath waves and the passage of time to become nothing more than sand.

But with these deaths comes something new: an entropic system does not have to be depressing; it's all a matter of whether you're the one being destroyed or the one being created.

Sometimes, you're both.

And that's what this journal is to me. It grew out of a time when I felt like I was being destroyed, but here I am, alive and kicking.

In my former journal(s), I would fall into the trap of making tiny, meaningless posts; I didn't want this journal to be the same. I rarely post memes unless I think they actually accomplish something useful, and I'll very rarely throw down something I don't care about.

I try to keep the number of my friends relatively low. I'll admit that the vast bulk of my friends list is people that I know in person, the few exceptions being holdovers from my old journal that I grew to care about.

I comment a lot, but don't post as much as I used to. That might not be a bad thing: like an entropic system, sometimes things slow down and fade for a while.

A few things: I like to add people I know in person or at least people that I've known here for a long, long time. If you add me, comment on the latest open post and I'll chat back.

And if you want to buy some shirts with my art on it, go on over yonder: http://390880.spreadshirt.com/